Alyson Gale

Alyson Gale

Alyson Gale commenced working at Resolve Conflict as a paralegal in 2010 while she completed her Masters of Law (Juris Doctor) at Monash University.

Alyson graduated with Honours in October 2015 and continued working at Resolve Conflict as a Graduate Lawyer until she was admitted to practice in early 2018.

Alyson is an experienced litigator and is able to guide her clients through the family court system with skill, empathy and compassion.

Alyson is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a collaboratively trained lawyer and while she is an experienced litigator and advocates zealously for her clients interests at Court, in many cases she is able to support clients to reach settlement without the need for Court intervention.

Alyson has a keen interest in alternative forms of dispute resolution such as Our Family in Two Homes, and where appropriate, she encourages client’s to resolve their matters outside of Court.

Alyson acknowledges the utility and appropriateness of early Court intervention in certain matters and is a strong advocate for using Court proceedings where necessary.

If parties can however find processes that work for them and keep them out of the Court system, this can certainly have benefits to preserve functional and respectful co-parenting relationships which can benefit children and families in the long run.

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