Amylie Paquin

Amylie Paquin

Amylie Paquin has clinical and scientific experience centered around parental separation and severe separation conflict.

Amylie’s research focuses on the practices and perceptions of psychosocial and legal professionals involved with families experiencing severe separation conflict, effective psychosocial and legal interventions appropriate to the needs of high-conflict families, the experiences of parents involved in a process of psycho-legal expertise, the experience of parents living in a conflictual co-parenting relationship after separation, etc.

In addition, she works in private practice where she does psychotherapy with adolescents living conflictual separation from their parents or having other various difficulties, parental support in the context of separation, as well as psycho-legal expertise for the Court. Superior.

Amylie has also developed a training and consultation offer on assessment and intervention with families experiencing a severe separation conflict and aimed at psychosocial and legal professionals.

Conference 2023

The Pacifica Congress Annual Conference - Family Matters is being held at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart from Aug 31-Sep 2 2023




Dr Sarah Calvert

Dr Sarah Calvert looks at how current and up to date psychological science and its knowledge base can inform and support both the participants and decision making in the more complex cases that come to Family Courts. 

Special Screening of Tommy is on at the Dendy Newton on 19 June at 6pm. Tickets are selling fast. All profits go to the "To Be Loved Network", a registered not-for-profit which helps children going through family separation.
Special Screening of Tommy
Special Screening of Tommy is on at the Dendy Newton on 19 June at 6pm. Tickets are selling fast. All...
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Conference 2023
Conference 2023 for Pacifica Congress gathers in historic Hobart on 31 August in Hobart and marks 10...
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