Belle Lane

Belle Lane

Belle Lane has worked almost exclusively in the area of Family Law since 1993.

After over 20 years in family law, Belle has become increasingly interested in alternate methods of helping people resolve their disputes with dignity and respect.

While some disputes will require a decision of a Court, many will not, and Court should not be the first port of call.

Belle worked as a solicitor in Melbourne until 1998 when she joined the Victorian Bar. 

She moved to Perth in 2001 in search of better weather, loved it and decided to stay.

In 2007 Belle qualified as a mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.  

In 2008 she qualified as an Arbitrator and then travelled to the United States and Canada to undertake further professional development in dispute resolution.

Belle attended Harvard University to study negotiation and then undertook further training in Collaborative Practice in Toronto. 

Belle returned to the Victorian Bar in 2012 where she continues a practice in litigation and mediation.

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