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Centre for Investigative Interviewing

Centre for Investigative Interviewing - Partner Affiliate

Centre for Investigative Interviewing evolved from Martine Powell’s long-term commitment to improving justice outcomes for vulnerable witnesses.

Her early work as a teacher and child abuse psychologist sparked an interest in witness testimony. After obtaining a PhD in human memory in 1996, Martine commenced an academic career at Deakin University (Melbourne).

She soon developed an international research profile, becoming a go-to person for advice on child witness interviewing.

By 2006 her collaborations had extended to over 70 organisations across many disciplines such as child protection, health, and law enforcement.

Good decision-making during investigations often relies on obtaining accurate and detailed verbal information in a way that makes informants feel valued in the process.

To achieve this goal, interviewers need to maximise people’s ability to provide uninhibited narrative detail. This forms the basis of most interview guidelines around the world.

Applying these interview guidelines in various contexts and with different interviewees is complex and challenging in practice.

This is our Centre’s primary focus. We collaborate with organisations to generate new knowledge about interviewing and interviewer training techniques.

We bring this knowledge to the doorstep of industry by providing advice and innovative, effective educational resources. We are multidisciplinary – our work is guided by studies of memory, language, culture, speech pathology, human learning, and law.

Our resources are developed in collaboration with some of the best people in the creative and education industries.

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