Charlie Azzopardi

Dr Charlie Azzopardi

Dr Charlie Azzopardi is a Systemic Practitioner with more than 35 years of experience working in the field of care and mental health.

In the mid-80s he set off his career within the addictions field were he pioneered in the setting up of the first Therapeutic Community in Malta. 

He ventured into different areas of family mental well being and was involved in individual, couple, and family psychotherapy, parenting training and worked in different clinical areas including childhood and adolescent problems, eating disorders, self harm, stigma,, as well as consulting family-run businesses. 

Since 1997 Dr. Azzopardi has lectured in Malta and the UK until he set up the Institute of Family Therapy Malta in 2010 and ran the first Masters in Systemic Family Therapy in Malta. His academic career developed from psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to existential, to systemic psychotherapy to final find space in Advanced Strategic Therapy.

 He continues to be engaged in various projects including Locked Out, a reconciliation service for families of people in prison. During the last years Dr Azzopardi acted as consultant to the Ministry for the Family & Social Solidarity, chaired Malta’s representation on Lanzarote Committee of the Council of Europe, and was a member on various government boards and councils including Prison Board, Family Commission, and the Psychotherapy Profession Board. 

Throughout his career Dr Azzopardi noted Parental Alienation in his clinical practice and worked at preventing it at its very early stages. 

He is currently fully engaged running IFT-Malta with its various projects, including specialist training, clinical work with different populations, the new venture Workplace Wellbeing taking mental wellbeing to the workplace, as well as the publication of EJPAP (European Journal of Parental Alienation Practices). 

His interest remains that of helping individuals, couples, families, students of psychotherapy and organisations find effective solutions to the various difficulties that inevitably befall them.

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The Pacifica Congress Annual Conference - Family Matters is being held at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart from Aug 31-Sep 2 2023




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