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Courses and Training Workshops are provided by Pacifica Congress as continuing education exclusive to its Members who have purchased a membership.

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Pacifica Congress provides  legal and social education to professionals working with children and families. We offer training and endorsement for Family Report Writers. We also provide training in the area of Parenting Coordination.

Steps to Become an Endorsed Family Report Writer

The following steps are available to become endorsed by Pacifica Congress

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Family Report Writer - Introductory Modules
Family Report Writer Introductory Modules provides the starting point in learning about family report writing. These modules must be undertaken prior to completing the Master Classes.

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Family Report Writer - Master Class Modules
Family Report Writer Master Class Modules provide a deeper look in family report writing. These modules look at Forensic practice, Part VII of the FLA, FCFCA processes and procedure, Rules of evidence and much more.

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Panel of Experts Interview
Applicants seeking endorsement from Pacifica Congress will appear before a panel to demonstrate their proficiency as Family Report Writers prior to being given an endorsed status by the sitting panel.

Family Report Writer Introductory Modules: The Legal Interface – Understanding Evidence and Duty to Court | Phil Watts
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Pacifica Congress is a leader in positive reform, training in family law, and domestic relations practice and policy.

Our focus is the shift of research into policy and practice.

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