Dr Charlie Azzopardi
Early Intervention Alienation

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Dr Charlie Azzopardi
Early Intervention Alienation - Sydney

Dr Charlie Azzopardi works with families who experience parental alienation.

At the Institute of Family Therapy in Malta, Dr Azzopardi sees children who often have a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, ODD, deliberate self-harm, or suicide contemplation in the context of parental separation.

Occasionally a child vehemently and aggressively refuses to see a previously loved parent. This is typically visible during high conflict legal separation processes or in foster care situations.

Much attention recently has focused on crisis management and reunification programs, assessment tools, and legal interventions. However research on the very early signs of Parental Alienation (PA) is non-existent.

Early detection of these signs can help identify, predict risk of parental alienation and focus treatment.

This full day workshop for Family Law professionals will allow an exploration of these issues, raise discussion promote internation collaboration and cross pollination of ideas, resources and treatments.

Dr Azzopardi is a Systemic Practitioner with more than 35 years of experience working in the field of care and mental health.

He has been involved in individual, couple, and family psychotherapy, parenting training and worked in different clinical areas including childhood and adolescent problems, eating disorders, self harm, stigma,, as well as consulting family-run businesses.

In 2010, he set up the Institute of Family Therapy Malta and ran the first Masters in Systemic Family Therapy in Malta.

His academic career developed from psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to existential, to systemic psychotherapy to final find space in Advanced Strategic Therapy.

Dr Charlie Azzopardi Early Intervention Alienation - Sydney

12 September 2023
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