Family Law with Dr Lyn Greenberg
29 Oct 2024

Pacifica Congress
proudly presents

Family Law with Dr Lyn Greenberg

Dr. Lyn Greenberg, a renowned professional who practices forensic and clinical psychology in Los Angeles, California, will be leading this Melbourne workshop.

She specialises in services to court-involved children and families, addressing the complex and individual needs of children and parents in distressed families, including those exposed to abuse, intimate partner violence, or disrupted parent-child relationships.

The workshop is part of a series of plenaries and presentations organized by Pacifica Congress, a leading multidisciplinary organization of family law professionals in the Pacific region.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain insights from Dr. Greenberg’s expertise and experience, and to engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges and solutions in family law.

It’s a must-attend event for anyone interested in the field of family law, particularly those working with court-involved children and families.

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