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pacifica congress - Common Questions

Pacifica Congress Conference FAQ page gives you quick answers to commonly asked questions. While the idea is to keep the answers short and direct so that you can find information quickly, we understand you may require more assistance. If this is the case, please get in touch with us through our contact form.


How do I register for the conference?

Register for the conference by visiting the Registration page. There, you can complete the online form for registration and accommodation.

Conference details

More information about Conference 2023 can be found on our Conference App. For more details about speakers view our conference program page.  For registration checkout our conference registration page.

Conference costs

What is included in the cost of my registration?

You will receive a name badge, program and conference bag when you arrive on site. With your name badge, you have access to attend all of the plenary sessions, the concurrent sessions and the Welcome Functions.


Yes. The Conference program including guest speakers, plenaries and the conference schedule is available on the Pacifica Congress website at the Conference 2023 page.


What are the plenary sessions?

Plenary sessions are usually lectures or speeches designed to appeal to all conference  attendees. Pacifica Congress has a list of plenary sessions on the Conference 2023 page and also on the conference program page.


Yes. Pacifica Congress  reserves blocks of rooms for attendees each year. You can learn more about how to reserve a room in one of these hotels on the Registration page. Because we reserve rooms in bulk, room rates are typically lower than any other hotels in the area.


Why do we meet in certain cities and not others? Why don’t we meet in a smaller city that might have lower hotel rates?

Several factors go into our choice of cities:

Firstly we try to meet in various regions. We try to choose cities that members will enjoy visiting.

Pacifica Congress is a relatively large annual meeting.  Only large conference hotels have the facilities we need. We have outgrown the facilities in many cities where we used to meet in past years.


The program takes place over several days with many scheduled sessions, and some conflicts are unavoidable. The Program Committee works hard to avoid conflicts of topics and potential audiences. The first priority, however, must be avoiding individual conflicts: a participant cannot moderate one session and present a paper at the same time. Special scheduling requests can contribute to conflicts as well. If a series of five sessions is organised and the organisers want to maintain a particular order, that limits the scheduling of other sessions around it. Any special scheduling request may have a ripple effect in order to avoid individual conflicts. Ideally, similar topics follow one another in the same room for the sake of continuity.


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