Jade Blakkarly

Jade Blakkarly

Jade Blakkarly is a senior executive, with expertise in strategic leadership, operations and system design, policy and program innovation.

Jade has been a social worker, consultant, senior manager, advisor, and CEO.

Jade has had appointments in the community sectors, in the family violence, homelessness, justice, health, drug and alcohol sectors and in Aboriginal health and a stint in the State Government.

Jade can work strategically across different environments, incorporate multiple approaches, and draw upon a wealth of tried and tested solutions.

In her recent role as CEO of Juno, Jade spearheaded a new strategic direction that will see the organisation partner with women to build their long-term independence and capacity to thrive and designed and implemented an Australian first program to support the long term economic security of women who had experienced family violence or homelessness.

At the Department of Justice, Jade initiated a ground-breaking project bringing together a major hospital and regional gambling service to respond to the risk of suicide for people with problem gambling issues.

At GSANZ, Jade created a unique response to building the financial resilience of women experiencing family violence, attracting considerable philanthropic investment.

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