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Join us at Pacifica Congress and be part of a leading organisation of Family Law Professionals

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Networking with other professionals and sharing information, ideas and experiences


Professional development, networking opportunities, access to exclusive online resources, conferences and continuing education are some of the many benefits in joining Pacifica Congress


Increased brand visibility with the potential of increased revenue, enhanced charitable image for your business, positive affiliation and tax benefits are just some of the many benefits your organisation can enjoy when sponsoring the work of Pacifica Congress.

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Corporate sponsorship shows your clients you are a good corporate citizen

YOur impact

Providing education for innovation and change in the legal systems which serve children and their families.


It feels good to help others and provide them with essential resources. Giving also aids our social connection and feelings of self-worth. Consider giving to Pacifica Congress today.


Partnerships are a great vehicle for collaboration and can enable your organisation to combine areas of strength for a shared purpose. If you feel you are aligned to our mission, get in touch with us today.

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Speak with us if you have common values, a shared purpose and want to work together.

Our Sponsors

Pacifica Congress Sponsors 2024

Our family lawyers guide you through life’s challenges. Our solutions-driven advice help you stay in control every step of the way.

Pacifica Congress Sponsors 2024-Camberwell Psychology
Specialists in family & children’s law evaluations, reports and court testimony
Pacifica Congress Sponsor 2024 Tree House Reaston

Providing collaborative networks for professionals &  stakeholders who provide services to those impacted by trauma.

Pacifica Congress Sponsor 2024 LEAP EV

We build tech products that power law firms and continuously innovate based on user feedback

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Norman Waterhouse

Offering extensive experience in a range of legal services for individuals, business and government

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Vincent Papaleo

Specialising in family law, child behaviour issues, and safety concerns related to parental separation and child mental illness

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Rafton Lawyers

A specialised team that provides alternative dispute resolution for parties in a family law dispute

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