Kristen Wylie

Kristen Wylie

Kristen Wylie graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1993. After 8 years in private practice, Kristen joined Tasmania Legal Aid (TLA) as Manager Family Law Practice- South.

In 2004, Kristen was appointed Manager State Family Law Practice, now known as Associate Director Family Law and in October 2022 was appointed Acting Director of Tasmania Legal Aid.

In her role as Associate Director, Kristen managed the delivery of legally aided family law services across Tasmania.

In March 2023 Kristen was appointed Director of Tasmania Legal Aid.

Kristen has significant experience as both solicitor and counsel; in latter years primarily focusing on Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) matters and family violence matters.

An ICL since 2001, Kristen is known for her ability to bring and maintain a child focus, helping parents to resolve matters and working hard to gather all the relevant evidence.

Kristen has been a member of the National Legal Aid Family Law Working Group since 2004.

In September 2022 Kristen was awarded the Tasmanian Women Lawyers Achievement Award.

In February 2023 Kristen was awarded the Law Society of Tasmania President’s Award and in March 2023 was inducted into the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women.

In 2022 Kristen developed and launched TLA’s Independent Children’s Lawyers Practice Standards and Guidelines an Australian first, combining clear practice standards with educative guidelines.

Kristen works from the regional area of Burnie Tasmania.

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