Logo – Pacifica Congress  Logo Usage Policy


As a member of Pacifica Congress, we are happy for you to include our logo on your website and emails.
Pacifica Congress’s logo is available for use by all financial members.

The logo is designed to help your organisation accurately and effectively promote Pacifica Congress Membership via your website, social media, and other printed publications. 

Pacifica Congress Members can maximise the value gained from their membership by making use of the Pacifica Congress logo, along with a statement of commitment to the high standards of organisational integrity and accountability embodied in our terms, on their promotional materials.


The Pacifica Congress  Logo can be used by members with current membership status for the financial year in question.

It can be displayed on:

1. Websites

2. Publications

3. Social Media

Contact Details

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our contact details are as follows:

123 Lower Plenty Rd VIC 3084 Australia

You can also contact us through the feedback form.

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