Lyn Greenberg

Dr Lyn Greenberg

Lyn R. Greenberg, Ph.D., practices forensic and clinical psychology (Lic. # PSY11436) in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Greenberg specializes in services to court-involved children and families, addressing the complex and the individual needs of children and parents, in distressed families, including those exposed to abuse, intimate partner violence, or disrupted parent child relationships. Dr. Greenberg’s practice includes a variety of services. Follow the links below or the buttons above for more information about the services that interest you or Dr. Greenberg’s background and qualifications.

Conference 2023

The Pacifica Congress Annual Conference - Family Matters is being held at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart from Aug 31-Sep 2 2023




Dr Sarah Calvert

Dr Sarah Calvert looks at how current and up to date psychological science and its knowledge base can inform and support both the participants and decision making in the more complex cases that come to Family Courts. 

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Pacifica Congress - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Conference 2022
Pacifica Congress hosts its annual conference at Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre in July 2022.
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