Marilyn Freeman

Professor Marilyn Freeman

Marilyn Freeman is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in the area of international child abduction and associated areas of international children’s law, and publishes widely in her areas of expertise.

She has undertaken several key research projects including those investigating: The Long-Term Effects of International Child Abduction, and The Outcomes for Children who Object to Return under the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention.

Her current research focuses on children’s participation in proceedings affecting their lives including those relating to child abduction under the 1980 Hague Convention. She holds a door tenancy at 4 Paper Buildings, a specialist Family Law set of barristers’ chambers in London, and is qualified as a Family Mediator.

Conference 2023

The Pacifica Congress Annual Conference - Family Matters is being held at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart from Aug 31-Sep 2 2023




Dr Sarah Calvert

Dr Sarah Calvert looks at how current and up to date psychological science and its knowledge base can inform and support both the participants and decision making in the more complex cases that come to Family Courts. 

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Conference 2022
Pacifica Congress hosts its annual conference at Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre in July 2022.
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