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Mentor-Mentee Program

Pacifica Congress invites you to join our Mentor-Mentee Program of leading Family Law Professionals

Mentorship Benefits

Learning & Networking with other professionals and sharing information, ideas and experiences

Mentorship Program

Pacifica Congress Mentor-Mentee program provides professional development strategy to connect more experienced family law members into developmental relationships with other members who want to expand their skills and experiences.

Benefits For Mentees

  • you will be encouraged in your professional development
  • your mentor will help you to identify and achieve career goals
  • you will be helped to identify and correct gaps in your skills and knowledge
  • your mentor’s feedback will
    increase your confidence
  • you will gain perspective on career options and opportunities
  • your mentor gives you access to a senior role model

Positive Outcomes

Mentees can Benefit with career advancement, higher salaries, and personal & professional development

YOur impact

Providing education for innovation and change in the legal systems which serve children and their families.

Benefits For Mentors

  • recognised involvement in an organisation of strategic importance to your field
  • you will gain new perspectives and insights in the family law field
  • additional networking
  • experience in team management and development
  • you will have the opportunity for self reflection, and personal satisfaction
  • organisations increasingly value an active mentoring programme and encourage senior staff to be mentors which will 
    develop your mentoring/coaching skills


Pacifica Congress Sponsors 2024-Camberwell Psychology
Specialists in family & children’s law evaluations, reports and court testimony
Pacifica Congress Sponsor 2024 Tree House Reaston

Providing collaborative networks for professionals &  stakeholders who provide services to those impacted by trauma.

Pacifica Congress Sponsor 2024 LEAP EV

We build tech products that power law firms and continuously innovate based on user feedback

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Norman Waterhouse

Offering extensive experience in a range of legal services for individuals, business and government

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Vincent Papaleo

Specialising in family law, child behaviour issues, and safety concerns related to parental separation and child mental illness

Pacifica-Congress-Sponsor-Rafton Lawyers

A specialised team that provides alternative dispute resolution for parties in a family law dispute

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