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Mentor-Mentee Program

Pacifica Congress invites you to join our Mentor-Mentee Program of leading Family Law Professionals

Mentorship Benefits

Learning & Networking with other professionals and sharing information, ideas and experiences

Mentorship Program

Pacifica Congress Mentor-Mentee program provides professional development strategy to connect more experienced family law members into developmental relationships with other members who want to expand their skills and experiences.

Benefits For Mentees

  • you will be encouraged in your professional development
  • your mentor will help you to identify and achieve career goals
  • you will be helped to identify and correct gaps in your skills and knowledge
  • your mentor’s feedback will
    increase your confidence
  • you will gain perspective on career options and opportunities
  • your mentor gives you access to a senior role model

Positive Outcomes

Mentees can Benefit with career advancement, higher salaries, and personal & professional development

YOur impact

Providing education for innovation and change in the legal systems which serve children and their families.

Benefits For Mentors

  • recognised involvement in an organisation of strategic importance to your field
  • you will gain new perspectives and insights in the family law field
  • additional networking
  • experience in team management and development
  • you will have the opportunity for self reflection, and personal satisfaction
  • organisations increasingly value an active mentoring programme and encourage senior staff to be mentors which will 
    develop your mentoring/coaching skills


Partnerships are a great vehicle for collaboration and can enable your organisation to combine areas of strength for a shared purpose. If you feel you are aligned to our mission, get in touch with us today.

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