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Parenting Coordination TRAINING
14 to 17 March 2023

Endorsed Training

What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting coordination is a collaborative dispute resolution process in which divorced or separated parents engage a parenting coordinator to assist them to manage and resolve disputes relating to their children.

In the past several years Parenting Coordination has gained some traction in Australia. Pacifica Congress proposes to endorse Parenting Coordinators who have met the criteria for inclusion in a training course, and successfully completed the course.

Parenting Coordinators come from multidisciplinary professions including:

  • Lawyers
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Mediators
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners FDRP
Endorsed Training

Parent Coordination

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An informative and practical Course

Parenting Coordinators Assist Families

With the known detrimental effects of high conflict parenting on children, Parenting Coordinators can assist in many ways

About Parent Coordination

This course will include academic research and recent articles, honing drafting skills specific to parenting coordination, upgrading mediation skills appropriate for parenting coordination, role-plays, practical advice, supervision, a training manual and personal assessments.

Outcomes of Course

This course will train the delegates to become suitably qualified and ready to practice as Parenting Coordinators.


Criteria for registering
for the course

A Parenting Coordinator must be a mental health or family law professional or certified and qualified family dispute resolution practitioner in accordance with the Family Law Act 1975.

Parenting Coordinators must have had training and experience in family dispute resolution mediation and extensive practical professional experience with family cases involving high conflict coparenting dynamics.

In addition, anyone wishing to become a Parenting Coordinator should have
• Child development knowledge
• Conflict dynamics skills and knowledge
• Mental health understanding
• Understanding of Family Law
• Family violence understanding, including the capacity to identify patterns of coercive and controlling behaviour
• Complex case management skills
• Diversity should be encouraged to meet the needs of particular families

Once trained all endorsed parenting coordinators will be included on the Pacifica Website Parenting Coordinators Public Searchable Database. The course will include both Australian and international presenters who will provide comprehensive training.


for mental health, legal or family dispute resolution practitioners

The course is a dynamic intense training program that has been developed specifically for mental health, legal or family dispute resolution practitioners. This course follows on from the successful presentations at our last two conferences on parenting coordination and its pending introduction into our legal system as a result of the pending Law Reform.



Honourable Diana Bryant (former Chief Justice of Family Court, Lilia Szarski, Child and Family Psychologist, FDRP, and Amanda Graham, Monash University Law will support the integration of the PC process to the Australian legislation. The multi-disciplinary nature of the expert presenters (psychologists, experienced PC practitioner, doctorate of law in PC, a solicitor, academic and experienced FDRP and PC practitioner) provide a balanced and holistic approach to post-divorce or -separation dispute resolution.



The course will include academic research and recent articles, honing drafting skills specific to parenting coordination.
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become suitably qualified and ready to practice as a Parenting Coordinator.

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