12 July 2024

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Webinar - Safety Planning with Dr Lorraine Sheridan 12 July 2024

Safety Planning with Dr Lorraine Sheridan



Safety planning concerns the creation of strategies aimed at protecting targets of family and domestic violence (FDV) and stalking. Safety plans identify ways to decrease the exposure of targets to further harm and help them manage their fear and anxiety. This workshop focusses on the fundamentals of FDV and stalking by::
• Understanding FDV and stalking
• FDV and stalking in the workplace
• FDV and stalking and culture
• FDV and stalking and other forms of aggression
• Warning signs of risk
• Psychological harm
• Talking with targets
• Risk assessment
The workshop aims:
• To provide foundational knowledge on what safety planning is and why it is important
• To equip attendees with transferable skills and knowledge
• To increase the confidence of attendees in being able to work with clients to produce tailored safety plans
• To demonstrate and discuss do’s and don’ts in relation to safety planning
• To provide tangible advice and guidance on how to create and communicate safety plan


Friday 12 July 2024 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (UTC+11)



Online event access details will be provided by the event organiser

Dr Sheridan completed a PhD on the psychology of stalking. She is an adjunct Associate Professor in Psychology at Curtin University in Australia and a Forensic Psychologist in private practice, where she acts as a Single Expert Witness for the Family Court of Western Australia.
Dr Lorraine Sheridan Pacifica Congress 2
Lorraine regularly provides advice and training on a range of forensic psychological topics to police and other agencies.
Her knowledge of this area derives principally from 25 years of research and practice. Lorraine has co-edited five academic books and has published more than 80 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
She is recognised as a global expert on stalking. 

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12 September 2023
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