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What’s good about Family Law? An FDRP Perspective: Timothy McMichael

Issues - Summer Edition 2023-2024

What’s good about family law? An FDRP perspective

Being an FDRP and Parenting Coordinator allows a unique opportunity to assist families at what is likely to be an extremely stressful transition in their lifetime.

Family Dispute Resolution is an early intervention that allows families support, advice, space and a non-adversarial environment to take up self determination and resolve their disputes often without moving into the legal jurisdiction.

FDR allows an approach of holistically examining the family ecosystem with a neutral helping perspective at a time when family members are likely to be highly emotional, have difficulty thinking, have distressed children, and have emerged from a family where conflict has not been able to be resolved.

FDR support attempts to preserve the separated coparenting relationship, before it disintegrates with the filing of affidavits which further undermines the precious separated coparenting relationship, which inevitably happens with litigation and ultimately judicial determination.

FDR practitioners get to see the difference that FDR is able to make when parties come back for further meetings and track the positive growth made by individual family members and children.

Sometimes FDR practitioners get to meet with the children as part of the FDR process and provide feedback to their parents, and to assist with early support referrals if required,

FDR practitioners can establish a relationship with family members which remains in place in the future, if parties need further help and support, and assist resolution of future disputes and difficulties as their own circumstances change.

FDR practitioners promote transformative behaviours between separated parents at an early stage in disputes that can have immediate and enduring beneficial effects in the children and families well-being trajectory.

Importantly, FDR practitioners can offer a service which is affordable for many families in contrast to the cost of legal advice and counsel fees.

FDR is a service that might divert families at one of the potentially most vulnerable times in their life transitions into the possibility of resolving conflicts, or at least ameliorating them or giving them solutions they can live with in a range of imperfects options and solutions.


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