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Pacifica Congress creates forums and networks that enable professionals to share information, ideas and experiences.  In doing this, we can identify trends and shape constructive change for children and families in the family law system.

Pacifica Congress.

Family Law is a complex and volatile field, and demand is high for skilled practitioners with specialised knowledge to support families in crisis. Pacifica Congress training enables you to confidently and competently complete forensic family member assessments and work as a Single Expert Witness in the Family Courts.


Journal & Newsletter

Along with our regular public blog posts, Pacifica Congress publishes an exclusive  quarterly Newsletter which is only available to financial Members who have paid a current subscription. Get in touch with us today about how you can access our Newsletter by joining Pacifica Congress.

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Pacifica Congress Mentor-Mentee program provides professional development strategy to connect more experienced family law members into developmental relationships with other members who want to expand their skills and experiences.

Pacifica Congress.

Each year Pacifica Congress hosts an Annual Conference and numerous workshops. Delegates from across the Pacific region attend and to share ideas and experiences.

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