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Dr. Benjamin D. Garber - July 2022

"Alienation is just one piece of the puzzle: Understanding and responding to the needs of the polarised child."

12 Jul 2022

15 Jul 2022

19 Jul 2022

Join Dr Benjamin Garber
for insights in child and family development

This workshop is a comprehensive approach to assessing and treating children who resist seeing one of their parents in family separation.

Matching the proper intervention includes exploring factors involved in the child’s resistance and weighing competing hypotheses.

Over the day, Dr Garber will look at such questions as:

  • Is the child’s resistance temporary and short-lived or consistent and chronic?
  • Is the child’s resistance due to temperament?
  • Is the child’s resistance due to diagnosable social, emotional, behavioural, and/or cognitive differences?
  • Is the child’s resistance due to a relationship AFFINITY appropriate to development and culture?
  • Is the child’s resistance due to Parent A’s overly permissive parenting?
  • Has the child directly experienced Parent B as insensitive, unresponsive, abusive or neglectful?
  • Has the child’s relationship with Parent B been damaged by exposure to Parent A’s unwarranted negative words, behaviours, and/or emotions about Parent B?

Dr. Benjamin Garber

Dr Ben Garber is a USA licensed psychologist, parenting coordinator, former guardian ad litem, and expert consultant to family law matters across the United States and Canada. 

Dr Garber is a prolific writer and acclaimed speaker. He is the author of ten books concerned with better understanding and serving the needs of children, more than two dozen juried professional publications concerned with high conflict family dynamics, and hundreds of popular press articles.

Across roles, Dr Garber is first and foremost a children’s advocate. As a clinician, consulting expert, writer and speaker, Dr Garber’s goal is to help parents, professionals, courts and organisations to better understand child development and family dynamics so as to put children’s needs first.

 Dr Garber has lived and worked in New Hampshire since 1987. He has been instrumental in the development of child-focused agencies and legislation. He is active in family law organisations around the planet. 
Learn more about Dr. Garber’s writing, speaking and presentations. 

Dr Benjamin Garber, renowned psychologist, presents at the Pacifica Congress Forum
Pacifica Congress.
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